Don't figure this out on your own.

Frequently asked questions

Netdocs FAQ | Optiable | Legal Document Management ConsultantNetdocs FAQ | Optiable | Legal Document Management Consultant

Don't figure this out on your own.

Netdocs FAQ | Optiable | Legal Document Management ConsultantNetdocs FAQ | Optiable | Legal Document Management Consultant

Frequently asked questions

What is NetDocuments?

NetDocuments is a cloud-based document and email management service.

How do I schedule an assessment to find out if NetDocuments is right for me?

You can schedule a free assessment with NetDocuments Certified Consultant Craig Bayer using this link.

Why should I trust Optiable over other consultants?

Productivity is in our blood. We know that competitive firms like yours need solutions that save you time and increase your output. We know that time is one of your most valuable resources, and that you’re sick of wasting it on tedious issues within your management systems.

We have installed NetDocuments at over 140 sites.

What if I want to use something besides NetDocuments?

Though NetDocuments is usually the best solution, it isn’t always, and we are always on board with helping our clients implement the best system for them.

Optiable is certified in all the programs you need to manage your firm: NetDocuments, and Worldox. We have also been previously certified in Clio, Amicus Attorney, HotDocs, PCLaw, and TimeMatters. Click here to schedule your free consultation.

What does DMS stand for?

DMS = Document Management Software.

How are my documents more secure with NetDocuments?

In this age of rampant viruses, malware and ransomware, individual firms are hard-pressed to keep up with security and encryption requirements. By using NetDocuments you have world-class security bundled with built-in disaster recovery. Both you and your clients can be confident the data is safe.

What does NetDocuments integrate with?

NetDocuments integrates with many software packages. Most notably is its integrations with Microsoft Office and Adobe. ndOffice is an add-in for Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook along with Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat. It allows users to open, edit, and save documents and emails without leaving the Office or Adobe applications.

I want to share documents with someone. What methods does NetDocuments have?

There are many ways to share items in NetDocuments with other users inside and outside your firm. Listed below are the many options available, depending on your needs and goals.

  • Email Copy – attaches a copy of the document to an email message.
  • Email Link – appends a URL link to the document to an email message. The user will need access to the item as an internal or external user.
  • Secure Document Link – sends a link to view and/or download a document. Documents cannot be edited. Can be secured with a password and/or an expiration date.
  • ShareSpace – can be shared with an internal user, external user, or a ShareSpace Contact.
  • External User – allows external users to have access to one or more folders or workspaces for an extensive period of time, with many of the same features as an Internal User. This requires configuration and setup by an Administrator.

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