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How to Compare Legal Documents Quickly and Accurately with Draftable Legal

Adopted by 200+ firms in the first 6 months, discover the alternative the legal industry has been asking for.

Join us to learn how to enhance your workflow with Draftable Legal, the reliable, cost-effective document comparison solution, launched in response to demand from the legal industry.


April 17, 2024


1:00 PM ET

(1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Eastern)

Webinar Host

Craig Bayer

NetDocuments Consultant

Craig Bayer is a NetDocuments Consultant who has:

  • Successfully migrated over 300 Law Firms from Worldox to NetDocuments
  • Setup NetDocuments at over 450 Law Firms

Webinar Guest

Bob Moore

Account Executive at Draftable

As an Account Executive at Draftable, Bob Moore:

  • Has worked in the legal technology field for over 18 years
  • Is an expert in Legal Document Productivity Tools and Document Management (including Workshare, DocsCorp, NetDocuments, iManage, and eDOCS)
  • Is adept at working with end users, IT Directors/CIOS, trainers, and application teams
Draftable Legal

What you’ll discover during the webinar:

  • How to compare legal documents quickly and accurately as Redlines and Tracked Changes with Draftable Legal.
  • How to improve the speed and efficiency of your workflow, with comparisons that are easy to run, save and send with minimal 'clicks' required.
  • Why legal teams need a user-friendly document comparison solution like Draftable Legal that caters specifically to the unique needs of legal professionals. Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2024 | Disclaimer