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Craig Bayer

Craig Bayer is the founder of Optiable, the secret weapon of modern and mobile law firms. 

Optiable helps law firms break free from file cabinets and mountains of paper with customer and cutting-edge document management systems. 

Over the past 20 years, Craig has worked with hundreds of law firms. From single-person operations to firms with a staff of more than 99 people and every size and set-up in between.

It’s not just Craig’s in-depth knowledge of law-related technology that has people lining up to hear what he has to say. Craig’s straightforward manner and accessible explanation are what people love, whether speaking for a bar association or organizational consulting.

Craig has become one of the most trusted voices for law-firm technology because you can count on him to counsel on what is best for you, even if Optiable does not offer the solution.

Craig has personally implemented NetDocuments at over 300 Law Firms, which is some sort of record if anyone is counting.

At Optiable we take the pain out of technology by helping your Law Firm:

Leverage Document Management Software to Reclaim Office Real Estate
Reduce Costs Using Cloud Software
Onboard Handwritten Documents Using Document Management Software
Manage Document Management Software Security

While our ability to make confusing technology topics easy to understand keeps us pretty busy putting on CLE’s for local and nationwide Bar Associations, we still serve some of the happiest clients in the Document Management Software industries.

Message me directly, give me a call with questions, or schedule your free consultation. I am always happy to share world-class solutions that get results.